Our common goal is a happy and well-fed child

Safety, quality, stability, reliability, responsibility and professionalism. These are our solid foundations and our recipe for children to enjoy every day, to eat healthy and balanced meals, to eat what they like and to be together with their classmates during lunch.


to cook for children

ryba na talíři

Quality always
comes first

In our school restaurants, children learn what healthy, high-quality food looks and tastes like. That's exactly what the Primirest menu is – healthier, greener, more sustainable. The choice of 3 meals (traditional, foreign or meat-free) is made through the My Primirest portal. You can conveniently order your child's lunch remotely, plus you can make sure they don't come home from school hungry. You won't find Coke and chips on our menu.

We make your job easier

We’re a partner you can rely on. If you are interested, we can provide breakfast, morning and even afternoon snacks for afternoon classes, training or clubs. Thanks to the My Primirest portal, you can view the menu, your meal history and credit status anytime, anywhere. Any questions, comments, opinions or suggestions will be sent to the manager of your - our - school restaurant immediately via a smart form.

jídlo jídlo

Children are our guests

School restaurants are the first place where children encounter gastronomy. At Primirest, they not only learn to eat well, but also to understand the basic rules of dining. Our good school lunches mascot, the Colour Eater, will show them the variety and diversity on their plates in the form of a game or tell them how to avoid wasting food at lunch.



Conveniently manage your child's school lunches from one place. You can keep track of everything you need in the My Primirest ordering system. Menus, account balance, orders, consumption and, if you grant your consent (by ticking the box), you can set up automatic notifications when your account balance drops below a certain threshold.